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Residency neuroscience martial arts for special needs

Sensory TKD’s neuroscience martial arts system for in-school training has proven to be a game changer for students, teachers, and support staff.  Our instructors have 1000s of hours training and experience translating evidence-based therapeutic interventions into martial arts activities, to remediate and/or alleviate destructive behaviors and emotions in real time. Implementing methods that match each student’s perception and consciousness (neurophenomenon) improves the child’s interest and motivation to learn.  We surveyed more than 80 educators and aides to rate the behavioral and developmental effects of Sensory TKD provided during school hours and the response was overwhelming positive for emotional regulation, attitude/mood, attention, following instruction, impulse control, motivation in school, transitioning, academic participation, and academic achievement. Sensory TKD gives children something to look forward to, motivating them to attend school. Our seven years of observing the effects of our elementary school outreach program has proven that Sensory TKD is a great fit in the special needs academic setting.

Past and present schools that we've provide classes for

Park Academy Park Ridge NJ

Felician College Lodi NJ

Northern Valley Demarest High school Demarest NJ

JDK Social Station  Secaucus NJ

Teaneck High School  Teaneck NJ

Benjamin Franklin Middle School  Teaneck NJ

NJECC Little Ferry and Ramsey NJ

Paramus Recreation Program  Paramus NJ

Focus Tenafly NJ

Norwood Public School Special Needs Division

William B. Ward Elementary School New Rochelle

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